Windows 8 Minesweeper


Update the look and feel of the beloved Minesweeper for Win8 through the use of themes without alienating the current player base.

  • Sophisticated
  • Classic yet new
  • Fantastical in nature
  • Create Depth both visually and fictionally
  • Draw the player in, but not distract them from playing the game.
  • Be in line with the target audience and age group.
  • Each composition should tell a story.

Final design for the classic theme was inspired by an electronic drumpad, with its lighted buttons and sounds. This gave it a touchable and magical quality.

An alternate theme that eventually became its own game was Adventure Mode shown below. I art directed the hero character design and visual execution of the game.


Windows 8 Minesweeper

  • Client:Microsoft Studios
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  • Role:
    • Art Direction
    • Concept
    • Graphic Design
    • User Interface
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