Fanboy vinyl figure

Vinyl figure concept I developed based on the idea that even our heroes are fanboys. Master Chief wearing a Cortana shirt, Superman wearing a Batman shirt, etc. Featuring a actual cut&sew fabric T-shirt or other apparel. Each arm is removable allowing swapping of shirts. Solid color versions allow for promotional branding uses.

The form is meant to be strong in both a painted (with character art) or non-painted option.

This figure is ‘double-sided’:  The bend in the figure allows one side to be a menacing or foreboding character or if you use the bent back side, it changes it a happy or friendly character. The thumbs are in the middle of the hand so the hands can be either sided.

Production/Development is still TBD unfortunately.


Fanboy vinyl figure

Vinyl figure concept with actual cut&sew fabric apparel
Master Chief art by Rocky Davies

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